“What’s my favorite book?”

I was standing on Queen Street in central Auckland. A Maori lady saw the books in my hand, approached me, and exclaimed, “Is that “Hiding In Unnatural Happiness”? I’ve got that book. In fact, it’s my favourite book!!”

By way of confirmation, she then shouted to her partner on the other side of the sidewalk: “Oi! What’s my favourite book?”

“Unnatural Happiness!” he responded.

“See? I told ya.”

Seizing the opportunity, I replied, “That’s amazing, because I have the follow-on book with me!”

As I placed a hardbound Gita in Nita’s hands, her mouth dropped open. When I showed her the pictures, she felt so excited, like a little girl receiving her Christmas present. Before I even had a chance to ask for a donation she asked me to wait, and she ran to the bank. Two minutes later she returned waving a $20 bill. She was so happy to have the book. I asked Nita where she had received Hidding In Unnatural Happiness. She said that she purchased it back in her hometown of Tokaroa. Since then, she has moved to Manurewa in Auckland. I gave her an invitation to The Loft, and she departed with a big smile on her face.

Devamrita Swami wrote Hidding In Unnatural Happiness to inspire people to read Srila Prabhupada’s books. How wonderful it is to see his desire being fulfilled.

Your servant,
Stambha Bhava Dasa

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