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Southern Nevada Community College

After our enlivening six week college tour in the Northwestern United States Jaya Gauranga das and myself decided we would leave Salt Lake City after a half-day of book distribution and then go to Las Vegas (Sin City) spend the night and then go back to LA. This would break the trip in half so that we wouldn't have to drive as much on one stretch.

As we entered Las Vegas we decided to take an exit where we could find a place to park the van and rest for the night. While exiting we unexpectedly saw a sign, "Southern Nevada Community College". Seeing that I non-committantly said to JG, "looks like Krsna wants us to distribute books here tomorrow".

We found a spot to sleep where we thought no one would disturb us, but then in the middle of the night we heard banging on the door. It was the police asking us to move on (to serve and protect us). As we were driving to find another place to sleep for the night we drove by the University. Then it looked like we would most likely distribute there the next day, since Krsna arranged for us to drive by it and see it, out of sight out of mind.

The next morning we drove to the school to have a look, it turns out that it was a small University and there were fifteen people distributing Gideon Bibles!

So I thought and expressed to Jaya Gauranga to pass it up and go back to LA. But he said, "well, we're here might as well give it a try." So I complied and we went for it. It turned out to be a really nice campus with many students taking books. Jaya Gauranga and myself wondered how long it may have been since book distributors had been there, most likely many many years.

While we were distributing I couldn't help but notice that the Bible distributors were quite elderly. So I asked a few of them how old they were, one said he was 78, another was 69, and another was 75, I praised them for their sincerity in doing what they were doing in there senior years. One of them said, "What better way could we spend our passing time than in glorifying God".

I then thought that these elderly men should be an inspiration for some of us to also distribute Prabhupada's books even into our elderly years.

A short time before Prabhupada left this world he instructed the devotees, "You serve Krsna throughout this life, then when you get old you can come here to Vrndavana and retire". Tamal Krsna Maharaja then said, "But Prabhupada, you never came here to retire so we also won't. Prabhupada was pleased with that reply.

Your Servant,

Vijaya Das

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