What an arrangement!

Book Distribution

While distributing books in Wellington, New Zealand, during the run-up to Gaura Purnima, I met a middle-aged lady from Finland. For many years she lived in north Finland, which she described as being remote and mountainous.

Somehow or other, she felt inspired to journey to the Himalayas and learn about yoga. Amazingly, while participating in a Himalayan yoga retreat, her teacher recommended that she read Bhagavad-gita and also that she visit the Bhakti Lounge in Wellington to learn more about spiritual life.

So our Finnish friend then journeyed to New Zealand, in search of a new adventure. Given all this, she was delighted to receive a Bhagavad-gita and an invitation to the Bhakti Lounge simultaneously, while wandering along Cuba Mall. What an arrangement!

After finishing work one day, I went to distribute in a car park. The time went quickly by, and although I had not finished all my books, I reluctantly decided to call it a day. Even though some books had gone out, I felt dissatisfied, wishing I could have distributed just one more. Promising myself I would head out on books again soon, I then noticed that the barber’s shop was still open and popped in for a haircut.

The barber was a very nice man from Fiji. Seeing my neck beads, he asked whether I was a Hare Krishna devotee. This led on to an interesting discussion about spiritual life during the clipping and buzzing.

When the time came to settle up, I noted that the barber had given me a discount, and I offered him a book in exchange. He was very happy to receive it and thanked me sincerely.

I guess it’s not every day the customer shaves the barber!

We should always carry books with us, because Lord Caitanya can engage us in sankirtana at any and every moment. I keep a stash in my car boot to facilitate spontaneous sankirtana missions and unexpected encounters. This approach has also enabled me to distribute books to colleagues at work.

Srila Prabhupada, ki jaya!

Your servant,
Caitanya Vihara Dasa

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