Two in Toronto, Tony and Marcia, get books

Tony, a former student of electrical engineering, is now studying acting.

He responded to my question, "Hey, do you like to read?" with a hearty "Yes, I love to. What do you have there?"

From there, our conversation never looked back on a refusal.

Tony continued to ask questions and accept books.

He told me he is very logical: "If you can't prove it, I can't believe it."

When I spoke of changing bodies, he accepted the logical possibility.

His parents are from Ghana and Jamaica, but he was born in Canada. He told me his girlfriend was into reading Tarot cards, and things like that.

Whenever I hear about girlfriends or boyfriends, I hand out "Bhakti Yoga: The Art of Eternal Love."

In this world we have little idea of what love is – searching for it and being disappointed lifetime over lifetime in temporary relationships. That book is amazing. Even just the introduction is sufficient to get a person thinking.

Anyway, at last count, he took 5 books, including a Bhagavad-gita. He chanted the mahamatra, gave me his contact information, and parted with a promise to read and let me know.

I asked Marcia, a matron from Jamaica, "Ever tried yoga meditation?"

She responded with a "No," but her body language suggested otherwise, so I persisted.

"So you are into it, but not into speaking with me right now?"

She gave me a small smile.

Then I said, "Hmm. Looks like you're interested, but not that much into it."

She volunteered, "My daughter is really into it," and that set off a wonderful conversation.

Marcia works in an old age home and was on her way to the night shift. She is no stranger to the sufferings of old age, disease, and death. She was intrigued by "Perfection of Yoga," "Coming Back, " and "Bhakti Yoga: The Art of Eternal Love."

She made some sage remarks, like, "This one, my spirit is telling me, pick this one."

And "Once a man, twice a child." She was referring to the helplessness of a baby and the helplessness in advanced old age. She was saying she often wonders about the "important things" her present "vegetables" were once concerned about; now they don't even know what they are eating and what they are doing.

She did give me a donation, which was generous, but remarked that if she had more, she would give more. May Krishna take her up on that offer.

She did give me her phone number, but before I could show her the maha-mantra, she got one of those "important" phone calls.

So we let her be.

Your servant,
Mahabhagavat Dasa

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