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ISKCON Book Distribution

I was distributing in central Wellington and met Jake, a pleasant young chap from Nelson, who had literally just arrived in town that very morning. I showed him Bhagavad-gita and asked him to comment on the picture of the transmigrating soul. His face lit up when he saw the image. He explained that he had been run over by a car when he was 7 years old and had been in a coma for 3 days. He had an extraordinary out-of-body experience and “toured the universe” before returning to his body. Since then, Jake has known he isn't the body and was delighted to take the Gita to be able to study the subject further.

* * *

I was distributing in a car park. Having worked in three hospitals/medical centers over the last year, I've met many doctors and health care professionals. As I stopped a young lady, I immediately recognized her as a former colleague from Wellington Hospital. Unsure whether she had recognized me, I continued to present the books and said I teach meditation. She failed to recognize me. Externally speaking, this was probably because it was a sunny day and she was wearing sunglasses. Our exchange went smoothly, and Lisa donated generously, taking a stack of books. My thinking is that HAD she recognized me, inevitable discussions regarding our medical connection might have distracted us from focusing on the essential subject matter of Krishna consciousness and Srila Prabhupada's books. Lord Caitanya works in mysterious ways!

Please also find attached a picture of a nice Chinese man who I never thought would stop, let alone invest in transcendental literature!

Gaura premanandi!
Ys, Caitanya Vihara Das

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