Three ripe fruits

A young woman came to my book table and started turning the pages of Bhagavad-Gita. She then took a picture of the introduction, where it says, “the human being has two psychic divisions, to be the controller and to be the enjoyer.” She commented that it seemed so true.

When I offered her the Gita, she said, “Really, I could have this? This is for me?”

It turned out that a Vaisnava youth, Vraja, who lives in our community, had been explaining knowledge of Krishna consciousness to her and the other students in their philosophy class. She was amazed by everything he said. She gave a generous donation.

In another encounter, I showed a Gita to a young man who responded, “Wait a minute, is this about Devaki, the mother of Krishna?”

I said, “Why yes,” and handed him the Krishna Book. Then he asked, “Is Dwaraka in here?” He had seen the names Devaki and Dwaraka while reading something on the internet. He walked away reading the book. I could see him reading and walking to the street to catch his bus. I thought he might trip, but he didn’t.

Finally, an English professor approached and gazed at the books on the table. With tears welling in her eyes, she revealed, “I have really changed. Years ago I did not like how you pushed your books on people. I couldn’t understand anything at the time, but you stuck around, and now I know you were right all along. You know, as you get older your heart changes, and you want to see things as they really are. I have changed a lot since then, and I know this is the real stuff! All of the Eastern wisdom comes from this.” She took copies of Dharma and Bhagavad-Gita and gave a donation.

Your servant,
Karuna Dharani Dasi

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