The Supersoul inspires the right kind of sacrifice

At De Anza College, a student who showed interest in a book gave me various reasons for being unable to give a donation. When I agreed to give her the book free, she took a few steps away, but then she turned back and said, “I lied to you, although I have money. I was not feeling good about not giving a donation for a spiritual book.” She pulled out her card and told me to swipe a certain amount for the donation.

Another time, one student showed interest in having a book, but said that she couldn’t make a donation and gave various reasons. When I agreed to give her a free book, she came back after a few minutes and pulled out her card and said, “I want to make a donation, because there is something to learn always from everything. It is not right if I don’t show my gratitude to the knowledge by making a donation.” She gave $20.

It was inspiring to see these things take place. The Paramatma inspires sincere living entities to make the right kind of sacrifice.

While distributing books at Muir Woods, I called upon two ladies who were walking a little away from the table. When they turned back, they looked a bit surprised, and one of them said, “It’s funny that you are calling us, because a few minutes before coming here we were desiring to start doing meditation tomorrow!” They ended up with a few books and left a good donation.

Your servant,
Madhava Govinda Das

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