The security of a table changes the experience of book distribution

The security of a table changes the experience of book distribution

Through this testimonial I wish to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation to Jaya Chaitanya Prabhu and Satyanarayana Prabhu for inspiring me and guiding me to distribute Srila Prabhupada's books from a book table.

The past marathon was surprisingly and exceptionally my best and also my most fulfilling period of book distribution. Having a book table really helped build my confidence. Just staying behind the table, I would wait for someone to come by and attempt to stop whoever came near.

After a difficult marathon the previous year, I found it very challenging to again go out on books, and as soon as someone said, “Let's go on books!” I'd just start freaking out. So I stayed away from book distribution for over half a year. And then in August, after being introduced to the idea of having a book table by talking to Satyanarayana Prabhu, I started to put a book table just outside the temple for an hour daily and waited for people to come.

The act of going out daily with the table of books and making myself available slowly persuaded my mind to think “It's not so bad.” Eventually I thought, “Actually, this is quite nice,” and then I felt comfortable enough to stop the public.

I've noticed that having a table creates a zone of security. If no one stops, and I am struggling, I can just go back to the book table and wait for someone to come and still be available to distribute books.

Another amazing thing about a book table is that devotees would come with me, some for the first time out on books, and they would come back again for more. It's an easy way to introduce new devotees to book distribution. At the end of the marathon there was over nine devotees around the table, which is a lot compared to me going alone.

I also found out that it's easier to build contacts. I have a few people coming back to me to say hi, and some I am in contact with on the Internet. One guy told me after I gave him some incense that he cleaned his room, then lit the incense I gave him, and chanted Hare Krsna with his friend. He came back and ask for more incense, and we've had a few discussions since then.

Finally, so many people are getting purified just looking at the books. This in itself is inspiring to know.

To conclude, having a table changed my whole experience of book distribution and through the mercy and prayers of Vaisnavas, I wish to have book distribution as my main service and inspire others to join me.

Attached are some examples of table book distribution

Your servant,

Bhakta Samy (London ISKCON)

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