The Mysterious Hand of Krsna

Lord Krishna

Last week I was distributing books at Moor Park College, close to Los Angeles, when a couple of curious students came to my table. I showed them the books, and they looked really impressed by what they heard, and saw in the illustrations. But when I asked if they would give a donation and take the books, they declined. I wished them a nice day and thanked them for giving me their time.

Two days later I was in San Fransisco distributing books with the local devotees when I saw one of the students that I was talking to at Moor Park. We both couldn't believe that we were seeing each other again so far away, over three hundred miles.

So I said to him, "It looks like it's in your destiny to get the books I showed you a couple of days ago."

He said, "Yes, this is amazing, and I am interested in what you have, but somehow the other day wasn't the time. But now it is. Thank you."

He gave a nice donation, and I showed him where the temple is in LA.

There are over twenty million people in California, so the chances of me seeing him again 300 miles away were very slim, but when Krsna is in the picture it's not surprising.

Your servant,
Vijaya Dasa

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