The mercy of Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarakadish

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I had promised our head pujari in New Dwaraka, “My marathon this year is to worship the Deities,” because so many regular pujaris are sick or traveling. However, this week I went out to do books in spite of having to dress Deities morning and evening. I set up my table at the college with Prabhupada’s books decorating it and it was simply effulgent, it was simply an altar. As punctual as an excellent pujari, Lord Jagannatha sent five sincere conditioned souls to approach this pristine altar, one after another.

1. The first student bought a Gita and described how he had been to a small preaching center in Chile and was very impressed with the treatment he got there and the prasada.

2. Next a boy came by who had chanted and danced with us in the Martin Luther King Parade and he took a Science of Self-Realization.

3. The next student said he was riding his bike on Watseka Ave. and one devotee, Sastra-Krit prabhu, greeted him and brought him into the Bhakti House. He said, “Since then I know I don’t like the way my life is going. I need to go there again.” I invited him to our new version of Bhakti House, called Mantra House.

4. Next a woman came by who wanted a Science of Self Realization. She said she had the book twice previously and wanted to read it again.

5. One nice girl came by to buy a Gita and she asked, “Do you guys do any rituals where you sit or dance around a fire together and sing? Like American Indians or something?” I replied, “As a matter of fact we are having a huge fire sacrifice this Sunday,” (Gita Jayanta). She was excited hearing about throwing grains in the fire while we chant all the slokas together.

So even though I am technically not doing the book marathon because of tripled Deity worship, due to the Deities’ intense mercy I am on fire, dull iron placed in a fire.

I am an extremely fortunate soul due to the environment of New Dwaraka and blessings and tolerance of the many senior Srila Prabhupada disciples in New Dwaraka.

Your servant,
Karuna Dharini Dasi
Los Angeles

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