The Jehovah’s Witnesses made two devotees

The Jehovah's Witnesses made two devotees

I heard this interesting account of how a devotee came in contact with Krishna consciousness:

Bhakta Bruno from Zagreb was eighteen when he met a Jehovah's Witness on the street distributing their magazine. The title on the cover asked "Who is ruling the world, God or Satan?"

Bruno felt attracted and attended a few of their meetings. Once there was a workshop to discuss how to counteract opposing elements and arguments.

One of the main topics was reincarnation and the Hare Krishnas. He became attracted to the topic, and when he got home he found "The Science of Self Realization" on a bookshelf, which he'd never noticed before.

After reading the book and discussing it with the Witnesses, he concluded that he should find the Hare Krishna people in Zagreb. In less than a year he joined the brahmacari asrama and began distributing books during monthly sankirtan festivals.

Your Servant,
Suvarna-bindu Das

Vijaya Das's comment: Jehovah's Witnesses introduced him to Hare Krsna, though in an unfavorable way, or so they thought. Krsna has His plan, and they have their plan. Krsna's is always better, so, unknowingly they became Bruno's vartma padarsika guru. By pointing him toward the devotees, they earned pious credit unknowingly, or ajnata sukriti.

I met a lady in the airport in Los Angeles many years ago who had also gone to the programs of the Jehovah's Witnesses. So many times they would criticize the Hare Krsna devotees, she said.

"They were doing it so much, that I thought, maybe, the devotees have something more to offer, since the Witnesses seemed so afraid of them. So I met some devotees and visited a temple; I found them to be nice and much more philosophically astute. So now I'm leaning toward being a Hare Krsna devotee more than anything else," she said.

She gave a donation for a Bhagavad-gita. Then we laughed about how much they were trying to keep her away from Krsna's devotees and now she's becoming one. It backfired.

Your Servant,
Vijaya Das

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