Stopping the Army General

A few months ago I was distributing books in downtown Porto Alegre (southern Brazil) and saw General Vilas Boas (at the time, the commander of Brazil’s army) coming in my direction. Old and sick, he was being pushed in a wheelchair, surrounded by two dozen high-ranking military men and bodyguards.

It looked like an impregnable aksauhini. The chances of being able to talk to him were small, but it was too good an opportunity to miss, so I decided to take advantage of the military’s hierarchical mentality.

I approached a military man on the side and exclaimed, “You must be the general, right?”

He sheepishly answered, “No, he is the general!”

The general heard and looked in my direction. I respectfully greeted him and approached him. His bodyguards didn’t prevent me.

He asked what I was doing, and I said I was distributing books of ancient Vedic wisdom, knowledge about the soul and self-realization. Seeing his interest, I showed him books, and he took a small set. He asked how much they cost, and I asked him to donate from his heart. He signaled one of the men and give a generous donation.

I talked a bit more with him about the immortal soul, and we parted ways. The interaction was positive, much more deep and personal than a formal meeting might be. He is a nice, pious man, and he got the books at a good time, while suffering from a disease.

I hope that he becomes a Vaishnava and joins our movement in his next life. His honesty and leadership would be much appreciated in Krsna’s service.

See att. photo.

Your servant,
Caitanya Chandra Dasa

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