Srila Prabhupada Letter to Kurusrestha dasa, 28th December 1976

Srila Prabhupada Letter to Kurusrestha dasa

“I have seen the pictures of the Deity installation you have sent. It appears to be very nicely done. Stick to the principles. All the brahmana devotees appear to be very nice. Do this and be happy. In your country hundreds of temples like this must be opened. Town to town, village to village. I am very pleased. Another temple opened, another book published that is the success of this movement. Without book distribution the temple worship standard will also diminish. Therefore both of them should go side by side. I can see in the pictures so many outsiders offering respect with awe and veneration. This Deity worship is very important. As soon as you get sufficient initiated brahmanas try to open another center.”

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