Special soul

I was distributing books with my godbrothers Shastra-Krit and Khela Tirtha on Lincoln Road (West Auckland) in January, 2017. Nathanial, a boy, only fourteen years old (his mother is from Tonga and his father is from Croatia), started talking with us. Because of his age, I hesitated to distribute a book to him, but he was really enthusiastic and happy to see us. And when I presented the Bhagavad-gita, he was more than happy to donate for the book.

On Nov 17, 2018, another godbrother, Aravinda Nabha, saw Nathanial in South Auckland. This time he was wearing a dhoti and tilak. Nathanial was on his way to a shop to buy kartals. The following day, I called Nathanial, and both of us were happy to reconnect. We spoke for forty minutes about life and the philosophy of Krishna consciousness. Nathanial was chanting five or more rounds a day.

After we parted ways in early 2017, Nathanial read the Gita and started watching Srila Prabhupada on YouTube. This gave him so much inspiration that he seriously took up spiritual life. As our call ended, I told Nathanial that he should ask his mother if I can take him to the Loft preaching center to meet Devamrita Swami. An hour later I got a call from Nathanial’s mother, who agreed to let me take him. Nathanial must be a special soul to receive such great mercy from Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya.

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