Some Stories

Some Stories

I had an interesting engagement today, I was speaking to one guy who was pretty interested and wanted the books but he only had a atm card so I said no problem lets just walk over to the machine (this works 95% of the time, just walk over to the machine with them) we walked over but he didn't remember his pin #, still, he really wanted to get the books, what to do? Then he remembered his wife waiting in the mall, he could get the money from her. Then I thought," this is a long shot, looking around the mall for his wife, who could, as we've all experienced just say,"nope not interested". We looked for a mere 5 minutes and low and behold there she was, and she was about as submisive as a sankirtan devotee would dream for a wife to be.

About a week ago I engaged a Hindu and offered him a JSD & QFE, he said he had them already and also had Prabhupada's Bhagavad Gita, then he said, "what other books do you have"? I showed him the two paper back Krsna books I had and he was immediately very attracted to them, he asked me how much, I said, "as Krsna inspires you". He gave $50.

Another time a few days ago I was in Byron Bay (this is the most alternative, open minded place in Australia) I was speaking to one guy who makes his living playing a guitar on the streets of Byron, he was interested but he hadn't made any money yet, so I gave him a POY and invited him to our Thursday night program in Byron (every Thursday night we get about 80 guest, it's really nice). That night he came to the program but not alone he brought 5 friends and said he had already finished half the book and loved it, that's why he brought his friends.

Before I left the US about Sep 18th I was distributing at the Santa Monica Promenade and I spoke to one middle aged guy who showed some interest when I explained that when the body dies the soul continues. He then went on to tell me that he was supposed to have been on flight 11 that went into one of the towers. He had gotten caught up in traffic so he missed the flight. I told him that there are no accidents and that he had missed that flight so that he could get these books, he was quite happy with that and took the books.

Your Servant,

Vijaya Das

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