Some highlights at the Woodford Festival in Oz

Bhagavad Gita

While at my table, I saw two policemen looking at my Changing Bodies display. I motioned to them to come over. As I was showing them the Gita’s illustrations, one stopped me when I got to the illustration of the man with the cow’s head and the cow with the man’s head.

He read the caption below the illustration and said, “That’s why I’m vegan.”

I said, “You’re the first policeman I’ve met who’s a vegan.”

He said, “I got to a point in life where I thought it’s wrong to cause harm to others, including animals.”

He left, and then two hours later he returned and gave $20 for a book. His picture is attached. He’s the one standing straight looking down at the book.

A lady came to my table and said, “I bought the Bhagavad-gita from you last year, but my son took it from me to read. I’d like to get another one for myself. It’s such a good read.”

Later, a man received a Bhagavad-gita enthusiastically. He liked everything I said about the Gita and said he’d heard of it, but never read it.

A couple of hours passed, and he came back and said, “I just read it for an hour, a great read.”

Two days later, he comes to me and says,”I’ve read a quarter of the book.”

This is during a huge festival, where people are paying $700 per person for six days of all kinds of stimulating activities for the senses and mind, and he’s reading Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita, the real festival, a festival for the soul.

In the spiritual world, every day is a festival.

Your servant,
Vijaya Dasa

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