Siddhivinayak Book Stall

Siddhivinayak Book Stall

On specific days Rakesh Prabhu, Mohan Prabhu and their IYS small group puts up a stall at siddhivinayak. Here is one wonderful story, Krishna Tvam Akinchana Gochara :

It was Gita Jayanti Tuesday Day of Ambedkar Jayanti . Devotees warned Mohan dont do much pushing on B.Gita. Situation may become tensed. Mohan Prabhu went to the Siddhivinay Temple at the stall as he regularly goes before his office (in Mahalaxmi). He got bored at the stall as not much was happening so he now approached people standing outside after Darshan. he had little worry about the warning but he still gather courage …

He showed Krishna Book to a passerby. Even though tried his best Mohan Prabhu couldn’t convince him to buy. just then a begger boy may be 8 to 10 years ,looking very anxious approached Mohan Prabhu. Mohan Prabhu decided to just show him the photos knowing well the boy can not buy this. Seeing the photos ,the boy was fascinated.

Anticipating another probable customer Mohan Prabhu turned his attention from the beggar boy to this new person. But this boy kept standing next to Mohan Prabhu hearing the conversation. Now  Mohan Prabhu started neglecting the boy not wanting to loose his customers. However the boy kept following Mohan Prabhu and even came up to stall.

Then an amazing thing happened. The boy asked ” i want to buy the Krishna book”. The quoted price definitely was far beyond his reach . However ,This Boy removed from all his pockets (shirt and pant) whatever coins he had collected and that all in turn was only Rs 26.  He gave his whole days collection to devotees. Devotees were delighted to see this. Just half hour ago 1 pious lady left a small donation on the stall. and Mohan Prabhu thought that this boys sincerity is the right candidate for that donation.

Beggar boy got his Krishna and Mohan Prabhu felt that he was able to give Krishna to others on behalf of Srila Prabhupad.

Srila Prabhupad ki Jaii…!!

– Radheshlal das

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