Santa Cruz, California: book distribution downtown

Last Sunday, Dec. 17th, my father and I had the opportunity to join Madhava Govinda Prabhu on book distribution in downtown Santa Cruz.

While Madhava Govinda Prabhu always started the talk with the people we met, he would always let me explain about the SSR. In this way we made a good team. Here in Santa Cruz, it was not easy to stop people like in the Friday harinams. But Madhava Govinda Prabhu did it quite easily.


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When I offered a woman the Gita, she said, “Oh, is this any religion? Are you trying to get me to join some crazy cult or something? I hope it’s not the ‘Harry’ Krishnas.”

I said that the story is based on a religion, but the moral is universal. I then realized that she was just joking. She told me she loves the Hare Krishnas, and she kindly took the Gita, along with a SSR, a CBH, and a POY, and gave a donation of $15.


Your servant,
Jaya Advaita

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