Reading Bhagavad Gita in Calamities like Death of Near One’s

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My first day of Book Marathon 2014 2nd December 2014

Gita Jayanti Day The Fight Within Getting down at the railway station; a fight arose in my mind ‐ should i go or should i not ? It was 8:30 p.m. A not so great day in office. The journey on the local train back from office had left me tired & exhausted. On one side was the anticipation of comfort at home after a day of physical & mental exertion. On the other side was the incentive of spiritual credits that awaited me if I participated in the Book Marathon on Gita Jayanti day. I prayed for guidance.

Thoughts of sacrifice & difficulties endured by Srila Prabhupada to bring this message to us crossed my mind. Gratitude filled my heart. The fight within ceased. The book stall was setup outside the railway station. There were 2 other devotees in the stall. The stall would wind up by 9.15 p.m. I had about 45 minutes to contribute. There was an yearning to distribute at least 1 Bhagavad‐Gita on Gita Jayanti day which also happened to be my first day of Book Marathon 2014. We were trying to impress upon the passerby crowd to accept a Bhagavad‐Gita on this auspicious day. Some stopped; spoke to us and excused themselves for lack of time, money or interest. Some glanced at us and then at the books while still walking on. Others; a large majority of them – probably, in the same eagerness as mine to get home for a much needed rest ‐ just rushed by without even acknowledging our existence. 20 minutes passed with no books distributed.

My morale started to wane. The fight resurfaced. Thoughts of how I could have engaged my time better started creeping in. May be I should have gone home. My children were just recovering from ill health. I was myself sick the earlier day. I had not even informed home that I would be here at the stall. May be Krishna wanted me to be with my family. Did I take the right decision ? My Grandmother Expired Today A woman hurriedly walked to our stall and asked if we had a Bhagavad‐Gita. I responded ‘Of course we have’. She said “Give me one”. Trying to encourage her, I said “It is an auspicious day to buy Gita. It is Gita Jayanti day today”. She said “ I know. Also my grandmother passed away today”. Not sure if she meant it was her death anniversary, I asked her “ Did she pass away today ?” She replied “Yes. Today. We are returning from her funeral. I want to read Gita today”. Assuming her to be a novice, I recommended that she read the 2nd Chapter of Bhagavad‐Gita. She snapped back “No. We are Gujaratis. We read the 15th Chapter.” She paid and left with the Bhagavad‐Gita. I was left amazed with the determination she had to follow her tradition even in the midst of a personal calamity.

Siddhaswrup Prabhu , Vasai.

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