Promo for 50/50

Promo for 50/50

The ISKCON 50/50 Campaign How to make it work – individually and collectively

The following tips may assist you in fulfilling your goal of distributing 50 transcendental books during ISKCON's 50th anniversary year, 2016.

1. Associate with devotees. Sadhu-sanga is the birthplace of our spiritual desires. Faith and inspiration increase by discussing Krishna, chanting His holy names congregationally, and exchanges of love with one another.

2. Get books. You can distribute books only when you actually have them. Ask your local temple for books or directly contact a devotee who can supply the books.

3. Strong sadhana. Strictly follow the four regulative principles and chant a minimum of 16 attentive rounds of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra daily. Be regulated in your activities and don't waste time. In this way, the mind and senses are controlled and you may more easily act from the level of the soul. Be a sincere representative of our disciplic succession. People will be attracted by your purity.

4. Read Srila Prabhupada's books daily. Regular study of Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam will nourish your spiritual life and strengthen your intelligence. Faith increases and your discrimination between what is enduring and what is temporary becomes sharp. Studying the Bhaktivedanta purports with an open heart will generate genuine compassion for the present state of our misdirected civilization.

5. Always carry books and show them. Remember, you can only distribute books that you have. Don't miss spontaneous opportunities to give a book to a friend, colleague, stranger, or whomever. Get in contact with people while waiting for the bus, sitting in the train, going to appointments or just while shopping or visiting the post office or the doctor. Simply connect your daily activities with book distribution.

6. Distribute one book at a time. If 50 books seems still too far away, then just focus on one book. As soon as the first book is distributed it's much easier to distribute the second (what to speak of the third, fourth, and so on). And if you can give two or more books to one person, than don't be shy to do so.

7. Inspire others to join in. Extend the flow of mercy! By inspiring others and assisting them in their service you might be even more satisfied than just focusing on your own activities. Krishna is very much pleased to see His devotees cooperating, and He reciprocates accordingly.

8. Pray, pray, pray. Change your position from an independent achiever to a helpless receiver of God's grace. What counts is our steady endeavor. The results are ultimately up to Krishna. Pray for inspiration, strength, enthusiasm, insight, tolerance, patience and humility.

9. Offer results to Krishna. Act for the pleasure of the Supreme Lord. Every little result becomes important when offered with devotion to your worshipable Deity. Never be attached to the results, which may be good or bad. Every moment is a new opportunity!

10. Be a happy Hare Krishna devotee. Book distribution is easy and fun. Connect with the Lord's pleasure potency and act as an instrument in awakening love of Godhead in the hearts of the conditioned souls (which might include you, too). Real happiness comes from selfless service. . . . and if your first set of 50 books is distributed, just go on with another 50. Bhakti has no limits! Your servant, Divyasimha Prabhu (Zurich)

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