Priceless Knowledge

Los Angeles airport

From Prema Sankirtan das,

At Los Angeles airport I met one gentlemen from England, and introduced the books to him. He showed little interest.

Then he said, "Oh, George Harrison used to be Hare Krishna!

"Yes! This is true. Then I gave him the Vedic Library [Cd-Ram] explained a little of it to him and asked for donation.

But he said; O, it is all about money!

I explained to him that it is for printing cost.

Then he said, "All religion is about money."

After that, I explained to him about Srila Prabhupada, how he come to the West with 40 rupees, and how he was struggling for one year without success, but after showing so much patience so many people came to him and gave Him money!

He again said; You see, again money,"

But I kept explaining more about KC, how everything belongs to Krishna anyway, and how Srila Prabhupada gives to people actual spiritual knowledge which is priceless. After that he gave me 10 Euro's ($10) but was still a little doubtful, and I kept preaching to him. In the end he gave me 10 more Euro's and promised me that he will visit our temple in London.

Sankirtan ki jay.

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