Prabhupada’s books bring out youthful joy

We had a one-week sankirtana tour and a weekend of Krishna Karnamrita katha in Tallinn. On Sunday, the main day for temple devotees, we went out on book distribution. Usually, a weekend morning is quite poor, with not many people out, and Tallinn is famous for cloudy rain weather. But that day was the opposite.

While talking with one person from Nepal’s Kathmandu, I heard from the back: “Wow! Do you have Russian books? I can get some of your books for my daddy. Daddy, we should take one nice book for you. Let’s see, what they have.”

Happily I showed her “Science of Self Realisation”. The father was not really inspired, but she took the book, gave it to him and asked about more books. She said that she visited the temple a few times in one month.

“What is this about?” she asked about the two volumes of Krsna book.

“These books are about Krsna’s pastimes, written in very easy language; even children like the stories, especially about Krishna stealing butter from neighbours.”

“For children! It’s for me!” she happily replied, even though she was looking about twenty-five years old. “What else do you have?”

I took all varieties of Russian books from a cart.

“I’ll take all!” Her face was shining with big smile, open eyes, and an eagerness to read books. She gave a nice donation and put the books in a bag.

The Nepalese student was watching all this unexpected performance with real interest.

They disappear as fast as they appeared. And we nicely finished conversation with the boy from Kathmandu.

Some souls really need Srila Prabhupada’s books. Krishna, Thank You. for giving chance to be Your transcendental post deliverer.

Sri Harinam Mandir Holy Name Monastery.

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