Perfectly arranged by Krishna

We hired a gardener for a job at our home in Perth. His job was to help our plants get some nutrition. I offered to be his assistant, for which he offered us a small discount.

James arrived on the scheduled day, and I put on my gardening hat and was out on the earth. As we worked, laying down heaps of soil conditioner and mulch, my laptop played some nice kirtans.

James commented, “This music is really nice. It is very soothing.”

I agreed and told him it is spiritual music.

After working in the garden for nearly two and a half hours, we were finally finished, and James was ready to pack up. I asked him if he would like to eat some stuffed Indian bread (cauliflower paratha). He agreed and came inside the house. I prepared a plate of prasadam for him: parathas, yoghurt, chutney, and ice-cream. James munched on the parathas and liked them a lot.

As we chatted, I enquired whether he has any interest in meditation. He said that three years ago, he got into mindfulness meditation, when his family life was suffering because of his super busy work schedule. Since then he has been practicing it, and he finds it very helpful.

I showed him the Gita and Science of Self Realization and shared a bit of the knowledge of body and soul. James appreciated the books, so I suggested he could have them and possibly give some donation for them. He agreed to that.

I felt that it was a perfect deal, arranged by Krishna: We got James to work in our garden and provide nutrition to our plants, and in return we were able to offer him nutrition for his soul. He received (and appreciated) spiritual music, prasadam and books.

May Srila Prabhupad help him nurture that creeper of bhakti in his heart!

Your aspiring servant,
Bhaktin Soumya

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