Parents perform their real duty by giving a set to their son

Since meeting me at my book table three months ago, Bhakta Omkar finished reading five of Prabhupada’s books. Omkar chants japa daily. On the occasion of his mother’s birthday he requested his parents to get him a set of Srimad Bhagavatams. His father was worried about Omkar’s grades in school if he buys him this eighteen-volume set. I assured his father that his son will do a hundred times better in school and life in general if he reads these books. His pious father became pacified. Such wonderful supportive parents this lucky boy has. The Bhagavatam says that the parents’ duty is not just to feed, clothe, and give a mundane eduction to their children; real parents should give their children genuine spiritual wisdom.

Your servant,
Shastra-krt Dasa


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