Om namo shivaya

During the December marathon in Durban, I came across this gentleman with rudraksa beads and three lines on his forehead. I felt hesitant to approach him, but I did anyway.

I greeted him with “om namo sivaya” and asked, “Do you know that Lord Shiva is the greatest devotee of Krsna?”

What he said next took me by surprise: “I was a Krsna devotee, but changed to Shiva, and I’m thinking of going back to worshiping Krsna.”

I instantly thought that this guy is confused and is searching. Actually everyone is searching for Krsna, but they don’t know it.  People look in all the wrong places.

Fortunately for this guy, Lord Shiva was guiding him: “Please worship Krsna, the Lord of my heart.” Lord Shiva even led him to sankirtana devotees.

This was my opportunity. I said, “Yes, sir, I have the perfect book for you.”

I handed him a Science of Self Realisation. Srila Prabhupada will persuade him further and establish Krsna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Another lost soul who’s wandering in this material universe lifetime after lifetime finally finds Krsna!

Your servant,
Rangadevi Dasi

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