Now it’s his turn

Recently, book distribution in Gurugram (India) was interesting, because it helped someone who was showing a paramount interest in distributing the Bhagavad-gita.

I said, “Do you have a few minutes? Do you have the Gita?”

This man said, “I knew it would be my turn, if Krishna wanted.”


“When you were persuading people, one after another, to accept a Gita, I was listening to the views shared by you and others.”

“Thanks for taking your time to listen to the topics related to Lord Krishna.”

“So then I thought that I will not approach you, although I wanted to, but if Krishna wants, then you will approach me with a Gita. And, just see, Krishna wanted. Tell me, please, how can I help?”

“Please accept a Gita. It contains absolute knowledge.”

“Not only do I want it, I even want to DISTRIBUTE the Gita like you. Can you tell me how? Though I know that it’s a gradual process.”

“It requires mercy, which is a big factor. You have enthusiasm to distribute, which is an auspicious sign of making your way back to Godhead. You must also simultaneously study the Gita with a full heart.”

“Sure. So I will take your number and be joining you soon in this activity.”

“I am glad we met today, since you have Paropkaar Bhaavna, which is the need of the hour.”

All glories to Surinder Prabhu, who shall now be directing his energy in imbibing Krishna consciousness and presenting it to others!

Ys, Vaishnav Dasa-dasanu-dasa

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