Not Meeting by Coincidence

Not meeting by coincidence

Something pretty cool happened in Dunedin, New Zealand, at the end of the marathon. I met a girl (unfortunately I can't remember her name), and the first thing she asked was, "Is this about yoga and meditation?"

"Yes." "My gosh, I think I met your friend. I met a monk in Nelson, and then I travelled down and met the SAME monk in Timaru! He remembered me. He even remembered my name, and he was telling me about these books, too."

"Did you get one?"

"No, not yet."

She takes a book and starts leafing through it.

"Since you met the same monk twice, and now we're meeting, I don't think this is a coincidence, do you?"

"No. He was really nice, and it seemed really interesting."

She happily gave $10 for the First Canto, Part One.

All glories to the devotee who made such a good impression that she finally took the greatest treasure!

Your servant,
Prema-lahari Dasi

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