Never a dull moment on sankirtana

For hours I was trying, and no one was stopping. I was just catching flies. I started praying to Jiva Goswami & Vamanadeva:

“I know I’m unqualified & a very fallen soul, but if you so desire please give me little mercy; use me as an instrument of your compassion.”

Then this fine gentleman and his son walk up to me and start telling me how much they are enjoying The Gita mp3 (made by Kamalesh Patel Prabhu of Laguna) that they got from me in the past.

The father spontaneously picked up the four volumes of the Gujarati Bhagavatam I had on display and opened his wallet wanting to give a donation.

I had to interrupt him to tell him that I can’t just sell him four volumes – it’s an eighteen-volume set.

To my surprise, he says, “OK, great, where are the rest of the books? The more the better.“

So I quickly ran to my car and got him the rest of the volumes. All of us became super happy from this exchange.

With tears in his eyes, he thanked me profusely for doing this seva.

Your Servant,
Shastrakrit Dasa

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