Mysticism in Melbourne

Devamrita Swami

Whilst distributing on Queen Street in central Auckland, I stopped a man from Columbia. Sebastian used to be a peace activist, arranging protests against the drug trade, and now he is earning a Ph.D. at Melbourne University. As I presented Bhagavad-gita, he showed much interest. Then, however, he started intently examining the back cover of “Hiding in Unnatural Happiness” which I was holding in my other hand. Suddenly he grabbed the book.

As he looked at the picture of Devamrita Swami on the back cover and exclaimed: “I know that man! One and a half months ago I went to hear a lecture he gave at Melbourne University.”

Sebastian took off his rucksack and rummaged around trying to find something. He pulled out a notebook and flipped it open, asking me to look. As I glanced down, I was totally shocked. I was looking at a picture of my own spiritual master, drawn by Sebastian!

Sebastian said to me that he had felt inspired by that lecture. At the same time, he admitted that he was also feeling dissatisfied with his studies and has been anxiously trying to decide what to do with his life. He profusely thanked me for stopping him and happily gave twenty dollars for Bhagavad-Gita and Hiding in Unnatural Happiness.

I marveled at the mysticism of sankirtana. Out of all the people on Queen Street, I stopped the one who had a personally drawn picture of my guru in his bag.

Your servant,
Stambha bhava Dasa

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