My Best Experience on Book Distribuition

Cal State University in San Bernardino

I was distributing at Cal State University in San Bernardino when a student came over to my table and said, "My friend! I've been looking for you for the past two years. I read the Bhagavad-gita many times, and I'm chanting Hare Krsna."

Emanuel had received a book from me at a nearby college three years ago. He hadn't read it for a year, but then he had a mystical experience in which he was told to read the book. He stayed up all night reading and didn't get tired. In a few days he finished it.

He was absorbing and relishing the knowledge he was reading. After that reading, he began to regularly chant Hare Krsna.

I asked him whether he would like to have more books, to learn more about Krsna.

He was so enthusiastic that he said, "I'll take all the books you have on the table (six books)," and he gave a hundred dollars.

The nectar had only just begun. We spoke for some time, and as we were talking some of his friends came by, so he asked them to look at the books I was presenting. They were also excited about the books (birds of a feather flock together). Then more of his friends came by, and they were also buying. It turns out that he is a very popular student on the campus.

So many of his friends were taking books that practically all my books were distributed by the influence of this bhakta.

It so happens that he is in charge of setting up festivals on campus, so I suggested to him that we invite the Festival of India to campus. When he heard that we have a Festival of India and that it can be brought to the campus, he became ecstatic. In a few weeks we'll hold the festival on the campus to give thousands of other students the opportunity to hear the glories of Krsna.

The next day I went back to the same campus and met with Emanuel again and just like the day before, as we talked, many of his friends came by and he would ask me to show them the books. It was a transcendental repeat of the day before. So many of his friends took books by his influence. A truely amazing experience.

Your servant,
Vijaya Dasa

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