More of Krsna’s mystic abilities

 More of Krsna's mystic abilities

A devotee who works, visits the temple, and sometimes distributes books said to Sutapa during the marathon, "All the mystical things happen only to you devotees who're fully into book distribution, not to us part-timers."

Sutapa gave him two hundred copies of Chant and Be Happy and said, "Put these in the boot [trunk] of your car and see whether you can distribute them."

He was thinking, "How will I distribute all of these books?"

A couple of days later he saw that a co-worker who looked a bit depressed, so he asked her, “Everything okay?”

"I'm a little depressed."

"Tried meditation? It's a great way to pull out of depression.

"No, I haven't. Do you have something that can somewhat guide me?

"Yes. I have books on meditation. Really nice books. George Harrison and John Lennon are having a conversation with our guru."

"Wow! Maybe some of my friends would also like to have some.”

"Yeah – a great gift for your friends. How many would you want?"

"Maybe one or two hundred."

"You have so many friends?"

"Yeah. How many books do you have?"

"I have two hundred"

"That will be very expensive."

"No, just a pound each."

"That's a good deal! All right, I'll take all of them."

Pleasantly surprised, he finally experienced Krsna's mystic abilities.

Your servant, Vijaya Dasa

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