Miracles happen on sankirtana

Over the past year, I’ve had a few health issues, so regularly going on sankirtan was put on hold. Recently, though, I was able to do a book table at the Vegan and Art festivals for our Sankirtana Team in ISKCON Alachua.

I headed up a new party and drove more than an hour with two other ladies to the Vegan festival. When I arrived, I felt the effects of my tired material, miserable body.

Then, on top of that, I was having a hard time getting people to stop.

My teammate said, “Don’t worry. Just try everyone, no matter what!”

Along came a family: two adults and three children with bright faces. Families are hard to approach, but I said to them, “We’re showing books on yoga to everyone.”

The man stopped, smiled, and said, “I’m a yoga master.”

I responded, “I can see you are a spiritual person. This book tells you what to think about when you do asanas.”

I opened the Bhagavad-gita to a changing-body picture and used Vaisesika’s guidelines on selling the Gita on its own merit. I engaged the children is seeing where they are on the picture. When I asked for a donation, I said that we have a three-book package.

The man wanted that package and asked how much. I replied with the mantra that “Some people give their lives, but ‘donation’ means to give from your heart, so give what you can. Keep it under a thousand dollars.”

He took out money from his pocket, and I saw many single dollars. He was thumbing through them till he reached a one-hundred note. I thought for sure that he would give me all his ones, but he handed me the hundred-dollar bill with a smile.

I thanked him (and Krsna in the heart) very kindly, and also gave him the new book, Inner Yoga. That was my first donation of the day. Miracles happen on sankirtana.

Thanking Srila Prabupada and Lord Caitanya for their mercy in engaging me and enlivening me in Their service, I remain

Your servant,
Gopa Patni Devi Dasi

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