Meeting a special man from Morocco

Sunday morning in Vilnius, nobody even took a book for one hour. Because I was alone, my enthusiasm started to go down. Then I stopped a guy who was from Morocco. He explained his difficult situation. His Lithuanian wife with their child, went from Morocco to Lithuania, just for the holidays and didn’t come back. So he had come to Lithuania to find them. She left him, without saying anything. I asked him what he is going to do, and he said he didn’t know. He didn’t  want to stay in Lithuania, because he feels bad. The energy of racism from other people is coming on him, and of course he didn’t like it.

I said, “In our Hare Krishna movement . . .”

He said, almost crying, “Krishna? Krishna! I was looking for Krishna. Nobody was telling me where the Hare Krishna temple is. Are you from the Krishna temple? You know, I am a Muslim, but I have no doubt that in Islam, God is Krishna. I don’t eat meat, because I am sure that animals also have souls! I love Krishna.”

So we were talking for some time, hugging each other. And than I told him that we will sing the names of Krishna here around 5 p.m. “You can come and join in.”

In the evening he came to that place, and I found him standing behind the harinama. With all his heart and attention he was listening to the holy names of God. I asked him how he was. And he said, “Oh, I feel so good.” He returned to the temple with the harinama, got some prasada, and was hugging all the devotees, calling them brothers and sisters.

Even if book distribution is not going very well, we have to go out for the sake of people like him.

Your servant,
Bhakta Gennady

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