Master of the masters

I was distributing at the Santa Monica Promenade when a man came to my table. He was a little familiar with the Bhagavad-gita.

I said, “Well, here, I’ll give you an art show through the illustrations.”

He liked what he saw, but he was a bit reserved about taking the book.

He said, “I’m now reading ‘The Book of the Masters.’ I don’t want to read too many books.”

I said, “You know, there are many masters, but there is an original master and that is Krsna. He spoke the Bhagavad-gita five thousand years ago, and by studying this book, so many others became masters.”

He said, “All right, I like that. I’ll take the Bhagavad-gita.”

He gave a nice donation, and as he was leaving I told him, “Take advantage of what you’ve just received. It’s a great treasurehouse of wisdom.”

He said, “Oh I will, I will. Thank you.”

Your servant,
Vijaya Dasa

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