By Janananda Gosvami

Well, feeling a bit slow and down in old age. Digestion problems, sleep problems, things ain’t what they used to be in ISKCON either, and I got no taste for chanting and hearing. Where’s the movement going? So many ask.

Maybe we should ask, where am I going?

Well, I’ll speak for myself, I’m going on the Marathon – at least as much as possible with all the other services going on simultaneously.

I would recommend giving it a go, no matter how slow.

*Join the marathon – miracle cure for sure. *

*Well here are some of the effects so far:*

. Suddenly sadhana improves – especially japa

. Sleep soundly and dream lightly and blissfully – easy to get up and go to sleep

. Digestion suddenly wakes up with fire – feeling strong and eating less

. you realize we don’t need so much

. The body feels hundred times fitter – no time to waste – a feeling of haste as we develop the taste.

. No need to spend money in gyms and jogs or yoga flips or medical trips

. Saves laxmi spent on health regimes and supplement dreams.

. The mind shuts up and focuses on service.

. No time for useless talk and criticism.

. Feel the mercy of Lord Nityananda and Srila Prabhupada flow.

. Feel like a young man or woman again.

. Ever increasingly enlivening

Maybe it’s because I’m in Paris and perhaps there is extra mercy here although almost everyone says “non merci” if they are polite.

Even if we are that far gone at least we can help as much as we can in some way and feel the Magic of the Marathon Mercy.

” Recommended for young and old
fearful and bold
in the heat or the cold
even if no books are sold
the result will unfold ”

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