London traffic jams, ki jai!

Book Distribution in Traffic

Today in London's Oxford Circus I was distributing the new Bhagavad Gitas, which are smaller, cheaper, and very attractive.

Between meeting people on the street, I would approach the drivers of the black cabs stopped at the traffic lights and signal for them to roll down the window.

I'd say, "We're stopping all the handsome cab drivers today."

Passing the book through the window and placing it in their hands, I'd say, "Ever heard of stress?"

"Of course," one said. "I'm a cab driver in London, so stress is my middle name, mate."

So I said, "This book is about counteracting stress with knowledge. And we don't sell them. Everyone just gives a donation at Christmas."

In this way over twenty London cabbies got the new Gita for "Krsmas" and gave nice donations.

London traffic jams, ki jai!

Sankirtan is fun and easy.

Your Servant,

Sundar Nitai dasa


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