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Kavicandra Swami

from Kavicandra Swami

I recentely spent a few blissful days at at SRI SRI Radha London Iswara Mandira. They were just starting a KRSNA BALARAM marthon. Many devotees, about half of them Bhaktas and Bhaktins, were going out with great enthusiasm and distributing many books while charming the people on Oxford street and other parts of London.

Bhakta Simon was leading in distribution when I left for Africa. Some of the Bhaktas had never distributed before but were telling me that they would probably continue after the marathon.

They even let me go with them a bit. It was interesting that I met one boy from Germany who had seen devotees in Japan (where I serve as GBC). He happily took a Srimad Bhagavatam. It is a small world and we never know were the results of our preaching will fructify.

It is nice to see that so many people in London are very appreciative of the "Hare Krsna".

Letter to: Jagadisa Hyderabad 18 November, 1972

"The thing is, our main business is to distribute books, either here or there it doesn't matter. So if there is transcendental competition for increasing sale of books, that is good. If he buys one book his life may be turned, that is best preaching work."

letter to: Hrdayananda Maharaja Hyderabad, November 23, 1972

"And distribute books, as many as you can and I think you can distribute many millions of books alone, that Krishna will help you do."

letter to: Rupanuga Sydney, Feb 14 1973

"If someone has desired to distribute books all day he may do this, but he must always follow the principles of rising early, chanting 16 rounds, etc. Just as some rich men have no inclination for studying, but still he opens many schools for others to study at. Like this, all of my students may not be inclined to study but they are very much eager to give others the opportunity to read my books and this should not be discouraged. All programs must go on but it is a fact that this book distribution program is very very important."

letter to: Balavanta Vrndavana, Oct 4, 1976

"The main thing is to distribute books more and more. That remark by the man in Houston is to your credit, that this movement is becoming an epidemic. Actually, everywhere envious people are against this movement, especially communists, because this movement is a threat to them. The main thing is to distribute books the communist idea is spread practically all over the world on account of distributing huge amounts of literature, but they have no substance. Introduce Rathayatra very nicely and distribute books."

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