Letting the books fly

I was distributing books in Melbourne and approached a young man wearing shorts and a sleaveless shirt. I was showing him the Science of Self Realization and explaining the contents. He was interested and wanted to take the book, but said he had no money. I mentioned that we use card readers for credit cards.

He said, “I can only take money out from the bank.”

So I thought, “Oh well, I guess he won’t be taking a book, because not many people go all the way to the bank to withdraw money.”

But then he kept asking questions. I expained to him that I’m a monk and we go out to people to try and help them in their spiritual journey.

We talked some more and then he said, “Why don’t we go to the bank, and I’ll take some money out?”

So we went. I was going to stand outside and wait for him, but he wanted me to come in with him. I thought, because of the way he was dressed, that he would give a few dollars. But he came back from the counter and handed me a stack of $50 dollar bills.

I said, “Wait, is this for me?”

“Yes, I like what you are doing and hope you have all success.”

“Can I give you some more books?”

“No, that’s Okay, I’m good with this one.”

He gave a $1,000. Krsna’s mercy. Then I just kind of let the books fly.

Your servant,
Gopa Vrndesh das

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