Laksmi and Narayana can never be separated

Laxmi Narayan

As Golokanath drove us to the town center, he asked whether we should take a detour along the shoreline, to which I responded, “It's up to you.”

Fortunately, this led to our passing a very opulent car parked in a driveway, whose number plate read LAKSMI.

Thinking of my initiated name, Narayana, and that I could maybe fathom some wit to the more than likely Indian owner, as soon as we had parked I made the fifteen-minute walk back just to reach this house.

I brought a Bhagavatam flyer, an Srimad Bhagavatam 1.1, Bhagavad Gita, and The Science of Self Realization to the door. The owner was wealthy, judging by his huge beachfront house.

Knocking on the door once, I waited as a minute ticked on. Knocking twice, I heard movement inside but no answer. Feeling a desire not to bother if they weren't interested, I considered turning away, but felt compelled to remain patient. After my third knocking, with an increase in volume, a man opened the door, to my relief, with a smile.

I made a joke about the number plate and how Laksmi and Narayana can never be separated. After I spoke for approximately thirty seconds, the man received a phone call, which lasted about fifteen minutes. I patiently waited, as the man stood in place.

As the call ended, saying about five words, being in a rush to pick up his children, the man (Sanjaya) passed over $20 without being asked and remarked towards the Bhagavatam flyer that I presented, that he had already agreed to purchase one just an hour or two earlier, much to my surprise! Bewildered and elated, I eagerly returned to my godbrothers to relay how fortunate this jiva had been.

Narayana Rsi Dasa

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