Krsna showed me that we are not just distribution machines

Bhagavad Gita An e-mail came to my address. It was an order for Bhagavad Gita As It Is. The lady ordering it got some of our books and some she had two of, so she wanted to exchange the extras for different titles.

I responded, saying she can come to our temple for the book exchange, and I'll send her a Gita. Then we went traveling, on a Janmastami maraton, during which I was meditating upon leaving a nice impression on people who do not take the books.

One day a young lady passed by. She was in a rush but happy to see me. I offered her a book, and she didn't want it, so I didn't push her, thinking it is in Krsna's hands. She somehow appreciated my attitude, and told me her mother just bought a Gita anyway and that her mother will go to Brno to visit our temple. I asked more about her mother and found out I was sending her mother the Gita. It was a nice meeting, and I was thanking Krsna for showing me that we are not just distribution machines. There is much more in it.

Your servant,
Suresvara Dasa

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