Krsna conscious enthusiasm is contagious

Jaganntha Rath Yatra

While I was carrying a box of Gitas from a bus at a rest area, a lady approached.

She asked, “I am wondering what your group is about — who are all of you?”

She said, “Everyone looks enthusiastic, energetic. There is something special about you people.”

She told me that she was traveling to LA with the family to drop her daughter at college. She said that they were all tired and lacked energy, but looking at the devotees, she felt rejuvenated.

I told her about ISKCON Silicon Valley’s traveling to LA for the Rathayatra. She was very appreciative. Later, she mentioned that they were supposed to take an earlier exit to a rest area, but her husband had missed it. She felt happy that she thus got to seeing the devotees and get a Gita. She took two copies, one for her and one for her daughter, and gave a donation.

After she left, I turned around and looked at all the devotees. Each looked effulgent. Each of them moved with vigor, busily doing something good. Behind it was a higher purpose, service in Krishna consciousness. Dedication moved them. Their good vibration had attracted the attention and appreciation of a soul passing by. I felt appreciation for all the devotees, and grateful to the lady who reminded me that the devotees are glorious.

Param Vijayate Sri Krishna Sankirtan!

Your servant,
Kamesvari Devi Dasi

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