Krsna Balarama Prabhu in Moscow

Srila Prabhupada poster,

During the last few days, I had the good fortune of going out on book distribution in the cold streets and subways of Moscow with the number one book distributor in the entire world, namely his Grace Krsna Balarama Prabhu.

Krsna Balarama Prabhu is quiet, reserved, and un-assuming, especially with devotees. By his meek behavior, nobody could recognize him as being a maharathi of Sankirtana. However, when he carries his pile of twenty hard bound books on his left arm, he is completely off the mental platform. He hands out a book with respect and full determination to every person that walks him by, without discriminating who is old or young or rich or poor. He approaches EVERBODY, without wasting a single moment of hesitation.

In the car, while returning to the temple after selling all the books that were in the trunk of the car, he told me, "I have been distributing Srila Prabhupada's books for fifteen years, and I still cannot understand how these books are distributed to the conditionned souls. I cannot understand it. My conclusion is that these books are distributed only by the mercy of Lord Nityananda."

Krsna Balarama Prabhu, ki jay! Brihad Mrdanga, ki jay!

Your respectful servant,

Candrasekhar acarya dasa

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