Knowledge of the Gita was part of a job interview

I met Mathew, a wonderful Christian gentleman from South India. He’s taught philosophy in universities around the world, and he loves the Vedas.

He said that one of his close friend’s son, who is very intelligent and highly educated, was invited for a job interview in Germany. The young man flew from South India to Germany and was being interviewed by the CEO and a couple of senior staff of an IT company.

The CEO told the young man that he really likes his resume and has a really good impression of him and he is ready to hire him – 99%. The CEO continued, “I’m a fan of Indian culture and the Gita. Since you are from india and a Hindu family, please say a few words about the Gita to inspire us.”

The young man didn’t know anything about the Gita and went blank. The CEO asked him again, and the young man was silent. The CEO felt that this person was ignorant of his own culture and philosophy.

He failed the interview. On the flight back the young man looked at Bhagavad-gita on Google and was reading it the whole way back. When he got back he was mad at his parents for sending him to the prestigious Indi Institute of Tecnology, but not introducing him to the Gita, the basic book of spiritual knowledge.

Mathew said that he reads the Gita, has read it many times, and taught his kids the Gita.

I thanked him. “We need more broad-minded people in this world like you,” I said.

He enthusiastically picked the Krishna book and gave a nice donation.

Sastra-krt Dasa

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