Kids sankirtan and little girl enthusiasm

Recently, we had an austere day, but toward the end of it, by Sri Gauranga’s mercy, we distributedss a SB set.

We first tried the Rivermart (in Santa Clara) – individual houses – for three hours, but could not distribute the SB set.

Sukehswari Mataji and Vijay Damodar Prabhu were very enthusiastic and wanted to distribute at least one SB set. So we moved on to an apartment complex named Cherry Hill.

We tried only one hour. We met many souls and glorified the Bhagavatam, but still no one had accepted SB.

The kids had really done a fantastic job, especially Aprameya and Srivasta, who explained the SB in detail. It is amazing to see how these kids are maturing into future leaders.

Finally, we met a pious family from Bangalore, and they welcomed us inside their house. They have a lovely five-year-old daughter.

Vijay Damodar Prabhu, Namsmaran Prabhu, and Sukheswari Mataji glorified the SB very nicely.

The girl is so pious that after seeing and hearing about SB, she really wanted to read it. The family was persuaded to accept the SB after hearing the glorification by the devotees and kids.

Namsmaran gave the parents beads and made them practice chanting on beads.

It is amazing to see that how Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu always guide us to the pure souls. We just need to be patient and depend on His causeless mercy, without which book distribution is not possible by our own endeavor.

Param Vijayate Sri Krishna Sankirtanam !

Your aspiring servant,
Subhankar Krishna Dasa

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