Kids doing sets in Sunnyvale

On Dec. 9th, we had the wonderful association of Vaisesika Prabhu, who took part in our kids' door-to-door sankirtana in Sunnyvale.

He gave a class in the temple, and right after that he went to the Navadveep pre-school to attend its inauguration in a new location. He gave a short talk to the parents, watched a kids' program, talked to teachers, visited the school, and had breakfast with the board members.

Right after that, he decided to join the Kids Sankirtan in Sunnyvale.

When we posted this message to WhatsApp ISV, almost all the Kids Sankirtan team members joined the event to have his association on book distribution. All the kids are so eager to join Vaisesika and to learn his techniques of book distribution.

He practically demonstrated how to approach new people , how to present the Bhagavatam, and how to always create a good impression, without pushing much.

He enjoyed how the kids presented the Bhagavatam stories to new people. He was very satisfied with Advaita's presentation of how to realize the meaning of Bg. 2.13 through the story of Chitraketu.

In the first house, after Advait and Kameswari Mataji presented books, the lady was hesitant to accept. She said she would like to come to the temple to accept the Bhagavatam.

Vaisesika responded, "Yes, the temple always welcome you, but today the temple has come to your door under the direction of Krishna, since you are a very pious soul." The lady immediately decided to take a set and gave the check for $250.

While Vaisesika went to other houses with the kids, our four older kids (Avantika, Vrinda, Balaram, and Anshu) decided to make an effort to distribute a Bhagavatam set to please Vaisesika. So they went to other doors, and it is really amazing that by their own effort they managed to distribute a set. The couple later said to us that the children really impressed them with spiritual knowledge and by a good presentation.

A gentleman who politely argued about different aspects of spirituality changed his mind, seeing the kids' enthusiasm and hearing Vaisesika's message. He accepted a few cantos to start with. This was also a great lesson: Our kids learned how to be patient and how to listen and give respect.

Leaving a good impression is important, because we are representing ISKCON. Srila Prabhupada put out so much effort to build ISKCON, and we must leave a good impression, since one day the people we meet will surely come to the temple to accept books.  

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