Just like a postman delivering a letter

We saw a person walking to his car in the parking lot with his small kid in one arm and a bag in the other. We hesitated to approach him, as he would feel uncomfortable talking to us with his hands full. Soon, the man had settled in his car, so we went to him and showed him the “Krishna” book and the Bhagavad-gita.

Seeing the books, he immediately said, “Let me call my wife, as she is into all these readings.” She was in an Indian grocery store in the mall, and he informed her that the ISKCON people are here with the “Krishna” book and Gita. She responded that she had already read both books.

Then, to our surprise the husband told us that his wife was asking whether we had the Srimad-Bhagavatam. And we replied that we are carrying the whole set. By then, the wife got close to the car, and we greeted her. We took her to our car and showed her a sample (the Eighth Canto). Interestingly, she knew that the set has twelve cantos in eighteen books. Within a moment, she asked the price, and we informed her of the suggested donation of $250. She instantly pulled  out her charge card and said, “Bhagavan ke mamle me paise ka kya sochna?” This means “When it comes to God, one should not consider the cost or money.”

We were dumbstruck by her sincere, pure desire to get Srimad-Bhagavatam. Madhav Govind took the donation, and we got the set from Acyuta Kumar’s car at a nearby store. We genuinely felt like a postman, delivering the set to this lady, as perfectly arranged by the Lord.

All glories to the ISKCON Silicon Valley sankirtan devotees!

Your servant,
Ram Rati Dasa

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