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ISKCON Silicion Valley – We started with the Narasimha prayer and the prayers to Srila Prabhupada, to make us instruments to distribute his books.

As we went door to door, little Balaram and Soumya knocked on the door of an apartment gym before we could stop them. Two nice persons, Narasimha and Rama, who were exercising, came out and listened to the boys’ presentation.

They encouraged the kids and took books. Three more people, while still working out on the machines, told us that they also would get a Gita, so Rama took three more Gitas for them. They gave generous donations.

Only kids can do such sweet gestures. They don’t hold back. They knock on every single door, thinking “Certainly everyone should get a Gita, wherever they are.”

Pavan Prabhu spotted Vivek, who was doing laundy in a common laundry room. Vivek’s father is a devotee of Lord Krishna, and he regularly visits Mathura. Pavan Prabhu is from Mathura, and they connected nicely. Vivek was moved by the story of the person who wanted to commit suicide, but had a transformation of the heart by reading the Gita in a motel room. He agreed to sponsor a case of motel Gitas.

Soumya was a little shy to speak, but she was giving out temple cards. She practiced showing the Gita, teaching the mahamantra, and presenting to people she met. Slowly she opened up. By the time we concluded for the day she had showed a Gita and taught the mahamantra to several people, and she was extremely happy. She asked whether we can do book distribution in her apartment complex because she wants to give books to a few of her friends there. She is thinking how to share more.

Our little Balaram was the hero of our team. He is attached to book distribution. He carried his own bookbag and did his best to make sure that everyone got a temple card and a Gita.

Whenever we asked if he would like to do more books, he answered enthusiastically ‘Yess!’ And he kept going strong for over three hours and never became tired even when it became dark. We had to stop because it was sunset.

Soumya and Balaram bonded well and made a good team. It was so much fun having them both on the team.

As we concluded, we were thinking that the Lord’s holy names will be chanted in every town and village. That will certainly happen. We felt deep gratitude that by the mercy of our dear leader, HG Vaisesika Prabhu, we get a chance to participate in this yajna.

Your servant,
Kamesvari Devi Dasi

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