Bhagavat gita

While I was distributing yesterday another devotee came and started distributing with me, without me knowing, he put some of his books on my box so when I pulled my books out to go to another spot his books fell to the floor. Immediately a man bent down to pick them up and respectfully handed them to me. I said, "thank you", and then handed him the Bhagavad Gita. I asked if he was from India.

"No, I'm from Iran"

Oh really, did you know that the word Iran came from a sanskrit word, "aryan" which means "civilized society". "You're country is probably the only country that has a name that has such a profound meaning". He was surprised to hear this and was of course pleased to hear it. I explained to him some of the teachings of the Gita and he enthusiastically took the mercy.

Krsna blessed him for doing a little ajnata sukrti by picking up the books.

Your Servent 

Vijaya das

PS if anyone has any more Marathon news please don't be shy, let the mercy flow.

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