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In Paraparamu, I met a young man, Ash, who told me that in 2014, his friend gave him a Bhagavad-gita. He told me he read the whole thing and started living his life according to the principles.

I asked him if he meditates, and he casually responded. “Yeah, I do some mantras. I use a few, but mostly just chant Hare Krishna for thrity minutes every morning and night.”

How exciting that there may be people like him out there just waiting to contact a devotee. I hope he can come to Bhakti lounge soon.

Also in Paraparamu, I met a young Kiwi woman, Abbey, who works at Spark. She lit up when she saw Hiding in Unnatural Happiness.

“I have read that book. I love it,” she said. Her aunt had bought a stack of books from a devotee in Paraparamu and flicked that book to her. She was raving about how it was written and encouraged such a new way of thinking. She enthusiastically took the Bhagavad-gita, which she was excited to get into.

A similar thing happened in Levin. I approached a big Maori man in his car, and he said he was spiritual. He said, “Don’t stay in the darkness, go to the light.” He resonated with the books, but had no donation. Then his wife jumped in the car and pointed to Hiding in Unnatural Happiness. “I’ve read that,” she said.

Similarly, her friend had got a stack of books and gave her this one, which she devoured, explaining how it really made her consider the need to turn our happiness search more inward. And she also took the Bhagavad-gita with vigor! One step closer!

In Wanganui, a suited male jeweller rolled by and pointed to the Bhagavad-gita. “I got that book in 1986 from someone on Lampton Quay in Wellington.”

He had read the whole thing and used to love seeing the Hare Krishnas in their devotional gear, chanting and dancing. “Be proud, show your colours,” he said. Since then, he hadn’t had any devotee contact, so he eagerly took a copy of the Science of Self Realisation.

In Waipakarau, Madhava had given me a contact: Phillip, a 70-year-old she met when last there. I rang him. and we popped by his house to see if he wanted more books. He welcomed us and spent time simply glorifying the book he got from Madhava Mohini, Searching for Vedic India. He said, “Reading this book is the best part of my whole day!”

He was impressed by the intelligence of Devamrita Swami and intrigued by bhakti-yoga. He asked us many questions. He explained that he has never read anything like the Vedic literature, and said “It’s about time I’ve found the truth!” He was inspired to get the Srimad Bhagavatam 1.1 and took a brochure to look into the set. As we were leaving he wished us well saying, “I hope you can convince everyone that bhakti is the way to go!”

Below is a picture of a young sadhu in training called Oasis. His Mum got the book, and he took it and started reading it straight away. His Mom said he looooves reading!

I hope these exchanges can provide some inspiration for us all to simply get out the door. Just by being on the street, we can be an instrumental beacon for so many lost souls who are just looking to reconnect with Krishna.

Sankirtana yajna, ki jaya!

Your aspiring servant,

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