Inspired by the Higher Taste

Today at the Otara flea market in south Auckland, New Zealand, we set up a book stall called the “Yoga Stop.”

David, walked past and did a double take when he saw the Higher Taste cookbook.

He was immediately attracted to the book and picked it up.

As we talked, he revealed that he was into healthy eating and spiritual lifestyle.

Dave mentioned that he had been eating only puréed vegetables because they were of high life giving energy (and also perhaps because he had no teeth?).

I showed him a recipe for mung dhal soup.

He asked me what is the life force rating of this recipe.

“Dave, my friend, this is a 12/10 life force energy giving recipe.”

He was ecstatic to take the book.

Later on in the day, he came back again and spoke to Gitavali devi dasi and took another book. He had already read 30 pages of the Higher Taste and wanted to thank us for giving him the book which had inspired him to become vegetarian.

“I now know not to eat animals. Set the cows, chickens and pigs free!

Hare Krishna!”
Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!

Your aspiring servant,
Manasa-ranjani devi dasi

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